As I was getting ready to edit Camden’s newborn photos, it dawned on me that while I shared his birth story video, I never actually created a blog post! So I decided I better share his birth photographysession, because his session is one of the next that will be posted on here!

(Update: This sweet boy has finished his Baby’s First Year Plan! I came back over here to link to his 6 month session, his 12 month session, and I’m also noticing I didn’t link his mama’s maternity session at Lafayette Square Parkbefore!)

I got the text from J early in the morning that S was in active labor. I raced to Belleville Memorial Hospital where she was laboring, and was so glad that I still had time to capture some detail photographs before things became intense. S was so strong, and the moment when Camden was placed on her chest for the firs time was amazing. There was so much emotion in the room – the kind of emotion that can only come when new life enters the world. Camden was so happy to snuggle up against his mommy – it was precious.

I have to say, I was so impressed with the nurses at this hospital. They were simply incredible, and I hope I get another opportunity to photograph a birth while there. S also had the most awesome doctor. Seriously. She was so friendly and everyone there was so friendly and helpful.

It’s so hard to choose which photos to share from a birth session. I always end up with over 100 that I give to my clients but, of course, I can’t share that many in a single blog post!  Here are some that I really loved.