The Jewel Boxat Forest Park has been a popular spot for my maternityclients this past month or so. It is quite nice and toasty, so that helps on those days when all that is to be felt in the air is cold and wind. We’re headed to the heart of winter now, so that is more the norm than not!

I had a really great time getting to know these clients. Thurston is adorable, and is going to be such a fun big brother! I can’t wait to see how he is with his new baby sister when she arrives. They’ve booked a lifestyle newborn session, so it’ll be perfect for capturing lots of those sibling interactions.

Thurston kept making me laugh with the way he would pop in and out of his parents’ photos. He was having a blast, and so was I, just watching him! He sure does love his mama, too. He loved to shower her with kisses, so if I asked him to do just that, we got no protest from him whatsoever. So sweet.

We did manage to get outside for the last few minutes of our session for some family snuggles. It was cold, but no one complained, and you’d never know they were freezing by looking at how warm they are towards each other!