It was nice spending October focusing on my maternity leave and family.  In fact, I’m still technically on maternity leave, so my photography page will remain a little slower this month.  However it was so great to get out of the house and photograph this baby girl, and so now I’m sharing Leila’s birth story!  She is absolutely gorgeous.  Just look at that hair!

I photographed this family’s maternity session back in late September.  They had also booked a Fresh 48, but I knew, depending on Leila’s arrival, I may not be able to photograph that for them.  I called on an excellent photographer  and friend to be my backup, and she ended up photographing the Fresh 48 for me (I edited), and then I was so excited that I was able to go ahead with the newborn session, although the morning of our session got off to a bit of a rough start when my tires blew out on my way to their home!  These clients were more than gracious about my situation, which I appreciated so much.

When I arrived, it was very clear just how loved this baby girl is!  The family photos make my heart smile so much.  I can’t wait to photograph her again in 6 months and in 12 months!

And now I would like to share Leila’s journey from maternity to newborn!  To see more of the maternity session, check out this post.   And thanks so much to the amazingly talented Donna Harris Photography for stepping in to photograph the Fresh 48 session!