I am now ready to share Baby Titus’s Mercy Hospital delivery. And can I just say Mercy birth stories are always so fantastic? They’re such a great hospital for supporting birth photography.

This one, in particular, is a beautiful birth story! I felt so honored to witness and photograph it.  The story began long before I entered the picture at their maternity session. His newborn session is this coming Saturday – watch for that blog post in a few weeks!

The mood was light and cheery when I arrived at the hospital. E was having intense contractions, and she was managing the pain without an epidural. She was supported by her husband and her mama, and they both did amazing!

I have never seen so much laughter at a birth. One day, Titus has quite the story to learn about his arrival. Everything about it was representative of love, as well as pure joy. The expression on Titus’s daddy’s face says more than 1,000 words about that.

Here is the slide show video I created, and I am also sharing some some of my favorite still photos from the experience. Honestly, I could have posted all 151 (well 302 since I give them all in black & white as well as color)  that made it into their gallery, but I have to stop somewhere!

Baby Titus, this is your beginning. I can’t wait to see where life takes you!