Edwardsville Newborn Photography Guaranteed to Make You Smile

pet and newborn baby

There is nothing more beautiful than a brand new baby. These 13 photos are sure to put a smile on your face and fill you with joy! We specialize in newborn photography, so if you are looking for the best photographers in the Edwardsville or St. Louis areas, give us a call today!

How Our Photoshoots Work

Our newborn photography sessions take place in our Edwardsville studio or, if you prefer a lifestyle photography session for your baby’s first pics, we can travel to your home.  Often we travel to clients’ homes located in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, Brentwood, Clayton, and Chesterfield areas.  

Expert Edwardsville Newborn Photography Tips

Willow & Mohr recommends that you conduct your newborn session within the first 6-14 days (1-2 weeks) after your baby’s birth. Doing so provides us our best chances of getting your smiling baby in those squishy sleepy poses. That’s a small window of time, so be sure to plan ahead and book early!

How to Prepare

Not sure what to bring for your baby during the session?  Don’t worry, our wardrobe room is full of a variety of styling options including bonnets, rompers, headbands, blankets and fabrics, textures, and much more.  Don’t forget your diaper bag, though, in case you need to stop for a quick feed during the photos.

Of course, if you would like to capture something sentimental into a few of the shots, just let us know.  Customizing the session to fit your family goals is our specialty.  If you’d like to include the rest of your family in the photos, we can do family portraits as well!

Now...On to Those Precious Newborns!

1. Ansley's precious smile

newborn baby smiling with eyes closed

There’s just something about those little cheeks and a sleepy smile that you can’t help but smile back at.

2. Ava Marie and Roses

newborn baby posing in rose colored swaddle

How cute is this photo of Ava Marie in her matching headband and rose swaddle blanket? You can practically feel the softness of that swaddle!

3. Brian Just Chillin Out

baby boy in hat and suspenders sleeping with hands behind head

Brian looks so relaxed and cool…we wish we had his dapper style! How perfect does he look, posing with his head in his hands like that?

4. Dominic in Black and White

a black and white photo of a baby boy sleeping

You know Dominic’s parents are just melting every time they look at this photo! A black and white image can create a statement all on its own…no props needed!

5. Dream Big, Little One!

Smiling sleepy baby with a small headband laying on a tiny bed.

Using a prop to help pose your baby can create some variety in the images. And really, is there anything better than a sleeping baby?

6. Plain and Simple

a newborn baby wrapped in a white swaddle with a pink headband

This classic pose of a baby wrapped in a light swaddle gives a soft and natural feel to the image so your focus is on her perfect, tiny little features.

7. A Classic Pose

a newborn baby in a white sleep set

No props needed here! This little sleep set has us dreaming of all the sleepy newborns! And of course, we had to get the feet in there…baby toes are the cutest!

8. Holiday Inspiration Shoot

a baby boy in a christmas outfit sleeping on a bed

Holiday photos are so fun! This photo of Jameson posing on a bed with holiday accented details gave his parents all the warm and fuzzies.

9. Dimples for Days

a newborn baby laughing with his eyes closed

Baby dimples might just be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Does it get more cute than this? And we know you want to just smell that baby’s head…what is it about that new baby smell that just makes everyone go crazy?

10. Eyes Wide Open

a newborn baby laying in a bed with eyes open

It’s so fun to capture photos of babies when they are awake. This one would make for a beautiful portrait to hang on the wall.

11. Baby Giggles

A newborn baby wrapped in a white swaddle and headband with a cranky look on its face while laying in a small bed.

Do you ever wonder what babies are laughing at in pictures like these? I bet it’s the funny faces of their photographer. Or maybe the silly poses or props we get to have fun with? Either way, it’s an adorable expression to shoot!

12. Sweet Dreams

A newborn baby sleeping and resting its head on its arms and wearing a white beanie.

This iconic pose is a must-have in your collection of images. When photographing your child, we always try to get at least one of them asleep in this classic pose.

13. Contrast of Light and Dark

Newborn baby sleeping in a vintage bucket with white flowers on the floor.

This dark background with the soft pink roses as a prop gives some variety to the mostly light images that you see when photographing newborns.

Deciding Who to Use for Newborn Photos

When it comes to choosing a professional newborn photographer, you want to make sure to choose someone who feels comfortable behind the camera, has experience shooting a variety of different poses, and can photograph your little one in a way that captures this milestone perfectly.

Nichole Kolb and Heather Mohr are recognized as two of the best in the business in the St. Louis area. They both prioritize your baby’s safety while capturing the miraculous beauty of those first moments of a baby’s life for their clients.

Considering booking newborn photography sessions with Willow and Mohr?  Contact us at 618-659-5414 or email us at [email protected] to schedule. We would love to chat and provide a tour of our beautiful studio space located at Trace on the Parkway in Edwardsville, Illinois.