I have not blogged in a very long time! I’ve been working with clients, transitioning to my new business venture – Willow & Mohr – and taking care of my family during the pandemic. My goal is always to blog content that is valuable to my clients. I never want to blog “just because”.  So today I’m excited to be sharing information on some non-toxic baby products. I hope you’ll find it helpful!

Babies have such delicate skin. Every mom knows the importance of using gentle products that won’t irritate them. Some moms even take that a step further by only using products that have non-toxic ingredients. However, sometimes it can be hard to find products that fit this criteria, smell good, and are affordable.

Three and a half years ago, a birth and newborn client introduced me to a company where I could find amazing non-toxic products for my house. They offer cleaning supplies, health & wellness items, skincare, hair care, healthy snacks, and more. At first, I was primarily purchasing my laundry detergent from them. I have extremely sensitive skin, and most brands are irritating to me. Unfortunately, my daughter inherited this from me, so our family needs to use the gentlest of detergents. After trying what seemed like every detergent under the sun, we found that some brands were better than others, but nothing was perfect.  I was hesitant to believe that this one would be any better. However, to my surprise, it worked for us!

Over time, I switched to this brand’s other cleaning products as well. They are so non-toxic, they don’t even require childproof caps on them! With young children and pets, I felt much better about having these types of products in my home. I would have made the switch even if they were of decent quality due to the safety of the ingredients. However, they actually worked very well, and in many cases, better than the other store brands I had been using. In addition, they smelled good and were very inexpensive. So with products that were non-toxic, saving me money, and worked well – it was a no brainer to make the switch.

Eventually, I started introducing other items into my home, including skin care and vitamins, and I was happy with this decision. Everything shipped to my home in 24-48 hours, and I was saving money. This savings was coming not only from the products themselves, but from not grabbing $500 in things I didn’t need, while going to a store for 1 bottle of window cleaner. I’m positive certain stores hypnotize upon entrance, if you know what I mean, lol!

Well, when this company launched their baby line, I knew I had to sure! Although I don’t have a baby anymore, I tested them out, and I’m impressed! As with everything from this company, they smell great, are non-toxic, and less expensive than many other non-toxic brands. They are plant-based, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and tested by pediatricians and dermatologists. In a blind study, 95% of participants found they preferred these products over the other popular brands they had been using!

If you’re interested and would like to check it out, just send me an email by clicking here. The company where I get these products is a “customers referring customers” type of shop. I would be happy to share a link to sign up and order the products as a regular customer, or as a preferred customer (I’ll explain the difference)! I will be honest and say I do get credit when you become a customer, but  I would not remain a customer myself if I was not in love with the products, and I certainly wouldn’t steer anyone wrong! I value my clients way too much for that! 🙂

And that’s all I have for today! Until next time…