Nursery lifestyle maternity sessions are so much fun! Especially with a nursery, mama, and family as cute as these! Outdoor maternity sessions at sunset are great, but indoor lifestyle is fantastic too – I kind of have a thing for indoor, moodier light. 🙂 Clients, if you can’t choose, because I certainly couldn’t, no need. We can do both!

By the way, Ashley, this expecting mama, is another photographer, and she does such wonderful work. It’s always great to get together with another photographer, to talk about photographer things, ha! Ashley also sells It Works, and she gave me some things to try. I’m loving my greens – they make me feel not so awful about this horrible diet we’ve had as our family is in transition. Our house is on the market, and so we are frequently needing to leave it for showings, which means more eating out than usual, which doesn’t always lend itself to being as healthy as I’d like. Good thing this is temporary!

Back to this adorable session. Ashley’s baby will be here any day now, and I can’t wait to see photos of him!