Being a new mother is an amazing experience, but it can also be overwhelming. As a breastfeeding mother, you need to be extra mindful of your self-care so that you have the strength to care for your baby. To help, Willow and Mohr Photography shares the following guidance on taking care of yourself while caring for your little one.


Drink Plenty of Fluids


Staying hydrated is essential, especially when breastfeeding. To ensure you are drinking enough water, make sure to drink regularly throughout the day. Consider adding electrolytes like coconut water or no-sugar sports drinks for extra hydration after late-night feedings.


Exercise Regularly


Finding time for physical activity can seem impossible when caring for a newborn, but it’s important to move your body. Even if it’s just going on a walk around the block with the baby or doing some light yoga in between feedings, any activity can help keep your body and mind healthy.


Simplify Breastfeeding with Comfortable Nursing Wear


As a new mother, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to invest in comfortable nursing clothing. Getting dressed should be the least of your worries as you navigate through the challenges of breastfeeding. With supportive nursing bras that are comfortable enough to sleep in, you can rest assured that you will have the support you need at all times, even while you sleep. 


Comfortable nursing clothing will free you from worrying about discomfort while also allowing you to breastfeed with ease, ensuring that both you and your little one are comfortable and happy.


Get Help to Deep Clean Your Home


Having a clean home is essential for mental clarity and relaxation, especially now that an extra tiny person is living with you. If possible, enlist the help of your partner or hire someone (if budget allows) who can deep clean your home so that it is free from clutter and dirt. Also, consider doing quick cleaning sessions every day such as organizing surfaces or vacuuming carpets to keep messes under control in between more thorough deep cleans.


Make Healthy Eating A Priority


Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins, can provide the energy you need while adjusting to a new baby. Consider meal delivery services and grocery apps, it makes grocery shopping easier than ever before. Proper nutrition is key to having enough energy throughout each day.


Prioritize Older Kiddos


When welcoming a new baby into the family, it’s important to find ways to prioritize older children. First and foremost, make sure to set aside some special time for them each day. Whether it’s reading a book, playing a game, or just talking, this one-on-one time can make a big difference for your child’s emotional well-being. 


Additionally, involve your older children in the care of the baby as much as possible. They can help with tasks like holding the baby, picking out clothes, or fetching diapers. This not only helps them feel included and important, but it also teaches them responsibility and nurturing skills.


Try Journaling to Release Stress


Journaling can be a great tool to help organize emotions and thoughts in stressful times. Writing down experiences is a great way to capture memories that might otherwise fade over time. Journals also don’t have to cost anything, use whatever paper items you have lying around the house such as old notebooks or receipts.


Seek Assistance


Don’t be afraid to ask family members or friends for assistance when needed, everyone needs help sometimes. Whether it’s bringing groceries over or watching other kids for an hour so mama can rest. Asking for help goes a long way toward making this transition smoother and helps make sure everyone’s needs are met to maintain balance within the household dynamics. 


Rest When The Baby Naps


As challenging as it sounds, napping is a great way to help combat exhaustion and fatigue when parenting a newborn. After babies eat, they often fall asleep right away, so try to take advantage of this opportunity when it presents itself. 


Regular naps throughout the day can give you much-needed restorative moments that will help increase your energy levels and provide you with peace of mind. While this might be easier said than done, finding ways to rest when your baby does can make a world of difference. 


Enjoy the Journey

Parenting is a beautiful journey filled with moments of joy, along with moments of hardship. Despite the roller coaster ride, self-care is always an important part of being a new mom. It’s necessary for physical and emotional health, and strong family dynamics. By understanding the unique challenges posed by parenting, moms everywhere can learn to adjust to life with a newborn and make their experience healthy and happy.

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Photo by Pexels