It’s not everyday I photograph a baptism, but when V. asked me to photograph her boys’ Greek baptism, I was so excited I was available to be a part of their special day. It was a beautiful day, with a vibrant blue sky and white, puffy clouds. The temperature was perfect as well! Earlier in the year we got so much rain, I know all of us here are soaking up these gorgeous days.

I was so impressed with V.’s calm and cool demeanor, even when one of the boys had a blowout in his adorable outfit on the way to the church. Of course, those kind of things are what memories are made of, and what this family will be talking about for years to come!

Here are only a few moments of the baptism – these parents are getting 78 photos! Of course, they get both color and black & white versions of every photo, but I love black & white for documentary photography, so that’s what I’m sharing here (with the exception of the church photo – that sky needs to be seen in color). Enjoy!